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Breakfast & Coffee, Food and Drink, Seville,

La Cacharreria

“ The Catch” as we at La Banda have fondly named it, is cute, quirky, homely. It is also very small. Run by a team of chicas, you can notice the womans touch. They’ve got speciality coffees, homemade smoothies and freshly baked cakes among many great breakfast items. Come and get settled in to the curious café, but bring some patience with you because their organization is poor at the best of times.

Breakfast & Coffee, Food and Drink, Seville,

Bar El Comercio

Come and dive deep in to the world of Seville breakfasts. Slices of jamon fly through the air, olive oil rains down on a bed of toasted rolls and hungry breakfast munchers dodge slices of fresh Andaluz tomatoes as they sail across the bar. Old gruff waiters churn through breakfast orders with ease until the 12 o’clock bell chimes. Then. Silence…………….. a stream of coffee winds it’s way out of the door and Seville’s locals disperse, satisfied once more.