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Bodega Santa Cruz

Bodega Santa Cruz is the lord of the traditional tapas kingdom. They don’t care about anything because they won their title back in the year 1300, they got their classic wooden bar, they got their antique deep fat frier, they got their team of camareros, they just keep on winning. Expect shouting, tapas slinging, beer fights and large servings of banter. Everything and we mean everything is as cheap as chips – like seriously bloody cheap.

Food and Drink, Seville, Traditional,

Gastro-market Lonja del Barranco

The “Mercado” is a wonderful way to dip your toe in to the world of Spanish tapas. Row’s of bright market stalls jovially offer up all the seafood, croquetas and jamon that you could possible dream of. Never ending beer and wine flows as standard. Out front an open air, gin & tonic bar pumps out music, and Seville’s local crowd gathers to make sure they get seen by the right people.

Food and Drink, Seville, Traditional,

Casa Paco

Casa Paco is a simple and classic meeting place with nice views on the street across the Alameda square. Sometimes it’s not about hunting about the best spot, sometimes it’s just about simple glorious life without catches. Get yourself a goats cheese and honey tapita, maybe some grilled aubergines, a couple of ice cold beers, sit back, relax and just enjoy Spain. That’s Casa Paco.

Food and Drink, Seville, Traditional,

Bar Alfalfa

Bar Alfafa is an uber charming corner of the road bar. Chef’s work up simple & rustic wonders from the world’s smallest kitchen. Crowds pack in to enjoy cheap beers, wine and tasty all day food! Great for stopping by at any time, whether its Andalucian breakfasts, healthier than normal tapas or evening drinks. Casual vibes all round.

Food and Drink, Seville, Traditional,

Casa Morales

Welcome to Casa Morales! A glimpse into the historic past of Seville, when drinking meant a simple glass of Spanish red poured from the adjacent wine vat and dining was a couple of hunks of rustic bread dunked in bacon fat and crowned with Iberian ham. Lose yourself in time! Classic food, miserable waiters and a lively local atmosphere as standard!