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Cadiz is the oldest city in Europe. It is also the gateway to our favourite coastline in Spain. What else? Unlimited great seafood, relaxing city walks, laid back vibes and friendly locals. Oh yeah and Havana Cuba was designed to be an exact replica of the Cadiz beach front, so you can tick Cuba off your list while your down there. Not many cities can offer that. 

Day Trips, Seville, To See & Do,


If you have time for a day trip to Cordoba we highly recommend it. It’s the perfect place for old town wanderings, monument umming & aahing in the stunning Mezquita, and trying the Cordobese salmorejo. Definitely hop on over to Bicicleta bar because it’s cool! Enjoy the bridge. Find a “Use-it” map to get around, they are super helpful. Then get back over to Sevilla – the best city in the world.

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Aire de Sevilla Arabic Baths

When we’re stressed out we come here to ease it all off in sumptuous, Arabic style luxury. Soak in hot pools, ice-cold pools, saltwater pools and cathedral view with a rooftop pools. Satisfied? Not yet? How about huge Jacuzzi rooms, steam rooms and an oh too tempting selection of massages rubs, scrubs and treatments? YEAH. Now we’re talking. THIS IS THE GOOD LIFE. And it doesn’t get any better. Believe us.

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Thursday Feria Flea Market

Every Thursday morning, the early bird catches the………. useless piece of junk. That’s not why we come here though. Atmosphere is king, as locals, gypsies and society’s eccentrics gather to shout at each other, over-do the early morning beers and try and off-load their worthless crap on to other people. It’s an all round good time, lashings of banter, beers and bargain hunters. Come here for an off the tourist trail, locals experience. Maybe, just maybe, if you’re lucky, you might even pick up an old dusty lampshade.