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Second Room

We really like to come here for intimate social cocktails in small groups or with one of our lovers. You can pull up a nice corner seat and really test the barman’s skills out because he knows what he’s doing when it comes to mixology – a talent seldom found in so many places that claim they “do” cocktails.

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A trendy sushi place with nice outdoor terrace in a cracking location. The sushi isn’t groundbreaking but it certainly hits the spot. Truth be told though, we always come for the yaki udon noodles coz we’re suckers for those big old wormy worm style noods layered with goodies. Also whatever you do don’t miss the gyozas – some damn tasty shizzle.

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La Cacharreria

“ The Catch” as we at La Banda have fondly named it, is cute, quirky, homely. It is also very small. Run by a team of chicas, you can notice the womans touch. They’ve got speciality coffees, homemade smoothies and freshly baked cakes among many great breakfast items. Come and get settled in to the curious café, but bring some patience with you because their organization is poor at the best of times.

Breakfast & Coffee, Food and Drink, Seville,

Bar El Comercio

Come and dive deep in to the world of Seville breakfasts. Slices of jamon fly through the air, olive oil rains down on a bed of toasted rolls and hungry breakfast munchers dodge slices of fresh Andaluz tomatoes as they sail across the bar. Old gruff waiters churn through breakfast orders with ease until the 12 o’clock bell chimes. Then. Silence…………….. a stream of coffee winds it’s way out of the door and Seville’s locals disperse, satisfied once more.

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La Brunilda

La Brunilda is probably the most famous restaurant in Seville. The catch? You have to fight your way past a queue of eager tourists who arrived 1 hour before opening time just to secure a table. Is it worth it? Without a doubt! Gourmet and incredible food awaits he (or she) who wins their way past the hallowed doors of La Brunilda.

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The truth is that every time we come here we get so involved with the wonderful menu of wines, and stock up so heavily on the tasty array of tapas, that by the time we’ve arisen from the hazy food coma later that evening, we can’t really remember anything about the place. That’s gotta be a good sign!

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Contenedor is the kinda place you want to come if you’ve got some cash to splash on well thought out home crafted for a true food lover. The menu is designed around freshly picked organic produce from their own private vegetable patch. All meat and fish is freshly caught, hunted or trapped as ecolocicgalissimally possible. Trust us, it’s a little pricy, but you won’t regret it one bit.

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Arte y Sabor

Arte y Sabor is run by a friendly team of Alameda locals. They proudly fly the flag as the go to spot for all things vegetarian and they do it with style. Tasty, fresh and green treats decorate the Arabic themed menu. Nice outdoor seating gives way to the laidback Alameda square. Great for lunch and a nice glass of white wine.

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Mamaracha is a La Banda fave. An all round delicious menu keeps us coming back and begging for more. Maybe it’s those paparracha creamy potatoes, maybe it’s that fine grilled steak, or the cheeky cheese cake that we definitely didn’t need…… whatever it is, Mamarracha you impress us! Trendy, classy, modern and great for small groups or couples. P.s. Love that plant wall.

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Ovejas Negras

Ovejas Negras is a slice of Argentian concept-dining in the heart of Seville. Minimalist, artsy décor with high ceilings and vintage light bulbs set the scene. An addictive menu of goodies with a gourmet edge keeps your taste buds tingling. Vibes are slick, modern and trendy. You could as easily prop the bar up whilst you share a bottle of wine as you could settle in for evening of fine dining with your lover.

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Bodega Santa Cruz

Bodega Santa Cruz is the lord of the traditional tapas kingdom. They don’t care about anything because they won their title back in the year 1300, they got their classic wooden bar, they got their antique deep fat frier, they got their team of camareros, they just keep on winning. Expect shouting, tapas slinging, beer fights and large servings of banter. Everything and we mean everything is as cheap as chips – like seriously bloody cheap.