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Barrio Arenal

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La Brunilda

La Brunilda is probably the most famous restaurant in Seville. The catch? You have to fight your way past a queue of eager tourists who arrived 1 hour before opening time just to secure a table. Is it worth it? Without a doubt! Gourmet and incredible food awaits he (or she) who wins their way past the hallowed doors of La Brunilda.

Food and Drink, Gourmet, Seville,

La Azotea

Drum roll for the La Banda number one city favourite please…………. Winners come and go, tripadvisor punters yo yo between number one’s and people love to rave about the latest new place – as far as La Banda is concerned, these guys are the Godfathers of modern tapas in Seville and ain’t nobody tellin’ us otherwise. Gourmet, delicious, classy. EAT EVERYTHING.

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Casa Morales

Welcome to Casa Morales! A glimpse into the historic past of Seville, when drinking meant a simple glass of Spanish red poured from the adjacent wine vat and dining was a couple of hunks of rustic bread dunked in bacon fat and crowned with Iberian ham. Lose yourself in time! Classic food, miserable waiters and a lively local atmosphere as standard!