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Casa Anselma

Casa Anselma is a non-stop flamenco and Sevillanas fiesta hosted by the fierce and ancient Lady Anselma herself. Doors open at midnight, if you don’t buy drinks you will be asked to leave, but don’t be put off by the reception. Expect a raucus and memorable night of drunken flamenco from people old enough to be your grandparents.

After Dinner, Bars, Seville,

La Bicicleteria

La Bicicleteria is a must see spot for people in search of the underground. Anything could happen to you in this tiny illegal bar hidden on the Calle Feria, and it probably will. Find the hidden metal door, ring the buzzer which lights up the door bell light bulb, and hope you get let in. If you do, skin up a joint, and settle in to some good old fashioned, indoors smoking, indoors joking, indoors late night toking. Great music as standard.

Breakfast & Coffee, Food and Drink, Seville,

Bar El Comercio

Come and dive deep in to the world of Seville breakfasts. Slices of jamon fly through the air, olive oil rains down on a bed of toasted rolls and hungry breakfast munchers dodge slices of fresh Andaluz tomatoes as they sail across the bar. Old gruff waiters churn through breakfast orders with ease until the 12 o’clock bell chimes. Then. Silence…………….. a stream of coffee winds it’s way out of the door and Seville’s locals disperse, satisfied once more.

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Arte y Sabor

Arte y Sabor is run by a friendly team of Alameda locals. They proudly fly the flag as the go to spot for all things vegetarian and they do it with style. Tasty, fresh and green treats decorate the Arabic themed menu. Nice outdoor seating gives way to the laidback Alameda square. Great for lunch and a nice glass of white wine.

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Bodega Santa Cruz

Bodega Santa Cruz is the lord of the traditional tapas kingdom. They don’t care about anything because they won their title back in the year 1300, they got their classic wooden bar, they got their antique deep fat frier, they got their team of camareros, they just keep on winning. Expect shouting, tapas slinging, beer fights and large servings of banter. Everything and we mean everything is as cheap as chips – like seriously bloody cheap.

Food and Drink, Seville, Traditional,

Casa Paco

Casa Paco is a simple and classic meeting place with nice views on the street across the Alameda square. Sometimes it’s not about hunting about the best spot, sometimes it’s just about simple glorious life without catches. Get yourself a goats cheese and honey tapita, maybe some grilled aubergines, a couple of ice cold beers, sit back, relax and just enjoy Spain. That’s Casa Paco.